Leo And Sagittarius Compatibility

Leo is fire and so is Sagittarius and being the same zodiac sign attraction among the two persons is bound to be there. Ideal partner for each other, they have a lot in common being optimistic, generous, energetic, fun loving, and carefree. Both love to join parties and socialize and enjoy the life in the fullest. Also both are highly impulsive and thus their relationship moves at very fast pace. With so many similarities the relationship is destined to flourish though there are a few differences as well.


Leo is stubborn but Sagittarius with understanding nature helps Leo solve most of the problems with solutions even not thought of by Leo. On the downside of the relationship is the extravagant nature of the two partners as both are spendthrifts. Self confidence displayed by Leo attracts Sagittarius immediately and since Leo is not jealous by nature, Sagittarius can enjoy attention of others as well. Difference between the two partners is that while Leo is soon committed in a relationship, Sagittarius is not so keen and rather enjoys the label of “bachelor” remaining alone for longer periods in life. In comparison to generous Leo, Sagittarius could be a little arrogant and self centered but Sagittarius is not as stubborn as Leo.

Good thing in the relationship is they can talk over most of the differences and Sagittarius also brings up a little spiritual flavor in the highly materialistic life of Leo. Sexual chemistry between the two is great since both are passionate and spontaneous by nature and both love varieties as well. With such traits in their nature there could not be a dull moment in their life. Together the two zodiac signs could be charismatic though at times they may suffer from fling of bad temper. Advantage in the relationship is that Sagittarius can always set aside the negative side concentrating on the positive elements reliving the relationship. Best part in the relationship is the great social combination they make just like a well balanced team. In sexual life Sagittarius is drawn by wildness and intensities of Leo and Leo on turn will love the stamina and endurance of Sagittarius and great sex is what keeps them attached together for life.

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