Leo Woman And Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius man is straightforward, honest and always prefers to be to the point in most cases. Gracious and compassionate, Leo woman is a born leader but always likes to play games that she will win. Extrovert and go getter, she will not stop at anything to get what she wants or thinks she deserves. Sagittarius man is a unique combination of cleverness and idealistic nature with clumsiness and naïve character. Due to their apparent innocence and playful attributes they are loved by others despite their quick to flair tempers as the temper subsides just as quickly as it flairs up.


Leo woman on the other hand is extremely proud and egoistic and arrogant as well as quite demanding in nature. For them it does not matter their pride may not be true. An entertainer by nature, Sagittarius man is funny and whimsical while Leo woman is graceful as well as beautiful. Their relationship will bring out the extravaganza of acrobatics, cartwheels, parades as well as languages making it a wonderful experience for both. Together their dreams will be bigger than what they really do but when they decide something together, success is most likely and they could have a phenomenal time.

On the downside is the attitude of Sagittarius man in not putting himself to the feet of his Leo woman and may also not be able to display the type of affection that the woman desires and it can make the woman cold and angry. Sexual relationship between Leo woman and Sagittarius man will be a long drawn affair and not the ordinary sex between two lovers as both want to show off and get the partner going. It will not matter what, when, and where but their sex life will be playful and physical irrespective of the location as they would be crazy for each other. At times the frankness of Sagittarius man may hurt the ego of Leo woman and in such time she will turn away being cold sexually and emotionally. And that is what Sagittarius man should avoid doing.

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